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Department of Architecture and Planning IIT-Roorkee
AR-705 Dissertation | Autumn Semester (2014-15)
INTRODUCTION Emerging economic trend is the increasing "globalization" of the Retail sector through FDI. Consumer businesses hoping to remain successful in the coming decades and hence must recognize the opportunities and challenges in Retail store/shopping competition. Along with the growing potential retail market the consumer base is increasing with a varied diversity which includes difference in language, culture, customs and historical design precedents. all of these increase the need for creative and innovative design that is sensitive to the changing life style of people.

Retail Store Space with its tremendous growth rates expected in the near future, gives an ample amount of scope for architects to offer their expertise in helping retailers adapt their innovative design concepts for sustainable retail space. Many of the retailers still adapting the schemes based on building same boxes over and over, which the developers also rely on the same cookie - cutter concept for shopping centres, which do not sustain in the modern competition of big malls and city centres.

In the last five years the retailing industry has undergone several changes, the effect of globalisation had turned retailing in to a global enterprise. Foreign organisations expanding often with a local joint venture partner. Manufacturers are trying to have…
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