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Architecture requires deliberate measurements for practicality and aesthetic appeal. Architecture also requires calculating exact angles and areas of intersection to ensure the components of the structure are stable and safe (By). I decided to explore architecture because I admire art and architecture combines the principles of art and mathematics to construct beautiful buildings. Additionally, many pieces of architecture have a story and through mathematics and art, an architect or the person who commissions the building can tell their stories through a somewhat permanent structure. Architects have to design spaces in a functional manner that is also aesthetically appealing which requires proportion, balance, and conjunction with its surroundings. This report looks at architecture and how trigonometry and mathematics have been used in developing St. Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon through sectors and right triangle trigonometry. St. Peter’s Basilica is a late Renaissance church located in Vatican City built at the place of crucifixion of St. Peter the Emperor Constantine at request of pope St. Slyvester I. It was originally built from 315 A.D. – 349 A.D. but, rebuilt from 1451 A.D. – 1625 A.D. with the dome being designed by Michelangelo. For St. Peter’s Basilica’s dome to remain structurally sound, tension rings were added to the structure and there is an inner and outer dome. Utilizing the sector formula, the dome can be analyzed in how it maintains its structure
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