Architecture Based On Functionalist Concepts

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An example that demonstrates that architecture based on functionalist concepts can be creative, sensitive, but still efficient, economically viable and standardized is the Sarah Network headed by architect Filgueiras Lima, also known as Lelé. The Sarah Network is a group of rehabilitation hospitals, conceived in the late 1959. The first rehabilitation center was built in the following year, in the new capital of the country, Brasília, during the government of Juscelino Kubscheck. In 1992 was created the CTRS - Network Technology Center Sarah, where all components have been developed, fittings, joining elements, furniture, in short, all the pieces that make up the constructive system of buildings. Then in 1993 it was built the first hospital in the industrial system, in São Luís, Maranhão. After this, were created eight hospitals under the same system.
It is important to point out that the main elements of the system employed in this network of hospitals are prefabricated reinforced mortar and steel (for the base structure and to cover). The mortar was chosen because of the architect and his team’s experience, which had already developed elements with this material for large-scale and quality of finish, whereas the steel was chosen by the domain of the working team on the various processes involved (casting, lamination, mounting, welding etc.) and also by the lightness, ease of transportation, since some units were distant from the center of technology, and ease of handling,…
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