Architecture, Engineering, And Golf Course Design

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In 1574, the home of golf opened becoming the most iconic golf course known well by golfers, the home of golf, St. Andrews. The evolution of the game has been advanced and completely renewed from where the game started to present day. This evolution can be considered partly due to the role architecture has influenced golf course design. So what is the difference between architecture, engineering, and golf course design? The classic definition of engineering is the application of a system to a specific situation. In golf architecture, this would be the application of the game of golf, with all its complexities and varying appeals, to each individual piece of land (Doak). So what makes a golf course truly incredible? The answer is quite simple the imagination and creativity of one’s mind: a golf course architect.
The mindset of building golf courses has changed due to the fact of the rapidly evolving education system. If one wants to become a golf course architect before the 1970’s he/she didn’t have receive any college course work to be an architect. Many older golf course architects are former PGA professionals, retired professional’s golfers, or greenkeepers. Between the 1970’s and 2000, most golf course architects went to school for four years to get their bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Also most retired PGA golfers have started to create their own masterpieces.
However since there are so many different parts of golf course architecture there are multiple…
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