Architecture: Hancock Tower vs Prudential Center Essay

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In the capital of financial services, two insurance buildings dominate Boston’s skyline. The Hancock Tower and the Prudential Center are structures that display the uneven change and the urban development that has occurred in this city over the course 19th century. Located in back bay these edifices work with the directionalities of their adjacent streets and the cultural history of the structures that surround them. Boston’s foundation was composed in a manner that designated and organized space. This creates the tension and contrast present in that between the two structures. The iconography that these structures have over the city is important. It represents a sense of the past as well as the purpose that the built environment has…show more content…
They include the circulation base, the rectangular shaft, and the restaurant that caps the top of the building. These aspects all work to give the structure a distinctive urban form and a sense of purpose. The circulation of people is most prominently focused on the ground level. Through the application of glass canopies that behave as a transparent ceiling for the covered walkways and aisles in the structure, the whole circulation pattern becomes illuminated with natural light. This brings a sense of openness and exposure to the both the inside and the outside. From this architectural feat alone the public has a clear understanding of what is happening in this space and how to go about navigating through it. Inside this center the urban community is able to walk about the shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues located most prominently throughout the ground floor of this plaza. This translucent and encompassing space in the forum of the structure provides people with a market function as well as a place for shelter. These two aspects increase the versatility of the building. The Prudential Centers open circulation pattern creates a vibrant community for all the classes of people to fully access. Through the accession of indoor transit stations as well as parking, everyone is taken into consideration and there is no stigma around ones race or ethnicity as they interact with the building.
The Prudential Tower is recognized as the icon of the entire

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