Architecture : Making New Homes

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Architecture: Making New Homes
In every shelter we see it has been designed and built by architects working hard to build a customer’s dream home. Students that consider wanting to make a difference in people’s homes, buildings, and shelter should pursue in architecture career by researching the education need, job outlook, and licensing requirements for becoming a successful architect.
“The architect normally has two responsibilities: to design a building that will satisfy the client and to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare” (Ferguson, 8). The architect’s role is to make sure everything from the outline is exactly what the client wants. Everything in the outline including location, elevation, and the building’s interior and exterior display has to be as precise as the blue prints the architect and patient agreed on. The architect is in charge of gathering the equipment he needs like workers, supplies, and machines that will help the worker get the job done faster and easier.
Architects have to be very passionate about their job as they will deal with many types of clients. Each client has a different idea and deals with problems differently, and the architect will have to find ways to satisfied his clients. Architects have to be updated with what is new in displacement or designs to satisfied all their clients. Architects would need to give their clients the best and newest. Patients have to be able to trust the architect that they will finish the jobs just…
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