Architecture Of Anglo Saxon Architecture

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Early Britain was an era of take overs and violence , overall it was a time of darkness , but despite the darkness this Anglo-Saxon era was a time filled with a new culture and government . Anglo-Saxons came to Britain sometime during AD 425-450 and lasted until 1066 . When the Romans left Britain , new settlement began . With the new population in Britain , there was a need for housing too , the Anglo-Saxon architecture however , did not start until the mid-fifth century . Anglo-Saxon architecture is a different style than modern architecture .
The Anglo-Saxon era was not as advanced as we are today , meaning they had to make do with the resources they had . The resources the had were any natural resources around them or materials that were man made . The Anglo-Saxon homes were not built to last , but to provide shelter . Since the housing was meant to last . Wattle and Daub has been used to create a filler for the wooden frames . It used materials that could be found easily which made it affordable to builders . “The wattle and daub is made by weaving together small wooden branches to create a wall . Mud , straw , horsehair and cow or horse dung is mixed together and then smeared on the walls . Once this dries it is like plaster and can even be painted .” (Glover). In house framing we mostly use wood , but we are starting to use more steel and concrete . Most interior walls are made of plaster or drywalls but can also be made of a stone or brick . The walls are made

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