Architecture Of Big Data On E Marketing

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3 Architecture of big data in e-marketing

3.1 Architecture Summary
The architecture of big data can be summarized as in the graph shown below[12]:

Graph 3.1 - Big data architecture
The architecture consists of 5 stages, which are Data Sourcing, Data Acquisition, Data Organization, Data Analysis and Decision.

Data Sourcing:
Data Sourcing is the stage where the source of the data is being identified and selected. It can be categorized into 3 major format types:
Unstructured - Text, image, video and social media. About 80% of the data on internet are unstructured[11]. In e-marketing, these can be the random messages that are being posted by customers on social media or review websites.
Semi-Structured - Machine generated data, such as JSON and XML. In e-marketing, these can be the customer information or product/service information which are generally not exposed directly to the public.
Structured - Transactions, master & reference data.

Data Acquisition:
Data Acquisition is the stage where the method of retrieving data is being determined. Generally, the data can be retrieved either from files and streaming events, or directly from databases.

Data Organization:
Data Organization is the stage where data is being stored and organized. The storage of the data can be image based, graph based, documents or key-values. An Extract-Transform-Load(ETL) step is usually needed before data is stored in the final…

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