Architecture Of The Renaissance Period

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The Renaissance period was a time filled with new ideas and developments that changed European society. Many cultural and scientific advances were made during this period, especially in architecture and medicine. As Arthur Ericsson states the period was “studded by the names of architects” such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Donato Bramante, whose “creations are recorded as great historical events.” The Renaissance period is also well known for the new scientific discoveries made through the examination of the human body. The European society changed greatly during the Renaissance period due to the many cultural and scientific advances made particularly in architecture and medicine.

The architecture of the Renaissance period replaced the medieval gothic style with a style representing the rebirth of classical civilization. One of the famous architects in the early Renaissance was Filippo Brunelleschi. Through looking at the old Roman and Greek architecture, he was able to bring back the old traditional buildings and arches, but in a more effective and proportional way. In the early Renaissance, the Florentines fathers created a competition for the ideal dome design. Many architects came from all around Europe to showcase their designs. Brunelleschi had won for his amazing yet risky plan. He designed the dome with two concentric shells. The inner shell facing the inside of the cathedral, and the outer shell would be a large dome. He bound the walls with tension rings of
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