Architecture and Industrial Age: The Role of Media Violence in Violent Behavior by L. Rowell Huesmann and Laramie D. Taylor

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We are in an industrial age where everything is mechanical and we see everything in terms of money .We ignored the natural environment and build a mechanical world for humans ignoring the fact that human being breathe also. Human are not machines that don’t have any culture, society or any sensitivity toward the environment. Human in every era do respond to every single change that’s taking place. With the passage of time fear of human has also changed. In the beginning human need shelter for saving themselves from wild animals but now in this industrial era his fear is something else. He is afraid of industrial
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Both of them are exposed to crises but difference lies in the reaction to those problems. Private architecture comprises of houses. People living in them own these places but the case is different in the case of public architecture. No one permanently lives there so level of care and investment is low
It means architecture of the public buildings needs to be more intelligent and conscious because issues arise when a place is more of the social and when it starts losing ownership.
Now in public architecture again there are three subdivisions
• Educational ( learning)
• Recreational(enjoyment)
• Commercial(working) Among these three, education is associated with learning which need environment giving maximum peace of mind where people groom and learn to response positive to the society. So now the current era demands for new typology of school which creates a healthy environment through its intelligent design and help them to develop positive attitudes toward the society.

Objective of the project is to design a school in response to the rising problems of the society. Before giving solutions we need to understand that how would socio responsiveness be defined now in 21st century? What are the current problems and needs of people to which architecture should response?
• In 21st century where we see violence everywhere. People are even afraid of coming out their homes they are exposed to media

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