Architecture in the Store Structure Essay

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Architecture in the Store Structure As I walk through University Towne Centre Mall, I notice tucked away in a somewhat secluded part of the mall the store Structure. Structure is a men's clothing and accessory store. Hanging in the large glass windows of the store are colored posters of handsome men dressed from head to toe in the latest Structure fashions. Structure has adopted the Greek Ionic Column as part of it's building plan. Painted on the front windows of the store are small silhouette images of an idealized Greek temple. The Greek architectural elements that have been used to decorate and symbolize Structure, are in perfect condition. In fact, one could even go far enough to imagine that they were standing in Athens thousands…show more content…
This is an image that can be portrayed onto the merchandise Structure sells as well. Even the name of the store is key when it comes to wanting quality. The word structure has a permeance about it, therefore, when I think of the word structure I think of something that has been engineered by a genius ages ahead of their time, another selling point to tell to your customer. "Sir, oh sir, those slacks look stunning on you, did you know that an engineer at Harvard designed them for longevity and comfort?" Of course this probably is not true, but with a name like Structure, anything is possible. Inside the store you are surrounded by vignettes containing small Greek columns, which are again referring to the timeless quality that surrounds you. The clothes that they sell are displayed on hangers on a rod that is held by a pair of flanked stylized columns. When you reach for a shirt to try on, you are choosing something that is imaged as pure quality and style. Temples were built by the Greeks and were made to serve a variety of purposes. Whatever the occasion was, Greek temples were of easy access, with all four sides being open. The store Structure is not built so all walls are open to the public, that type of construction would not last long this day in age. You enter Structure from one door and exit through the same one. Once inside the
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