Architecture of a New Payroll Program

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To enhance effective business operations, the company uses the WAN (wide area network) technology to connect all its offices located in the United States. The paper discusses the architecture of new payroll program to enhance greater understanding on the functionality of the new system.
Architecture of the new Payroll Program

Application architecture is a technology that specifies the components of one or more technologies such as data processing, and interface and the interaction of these components across the network. Put in another word, application architecture is structured multiple components interacting with one another through multiple service operation and service interfaces. A payroll is an example of service component performed by the application architecture. Example of application architecture for payroll is service oriented architecture (SOA) used for data processing and which process data in batches without explicit intervention of user during processing. Typically, SOA has been described as huge time saver for Automatic Data Processing. SOA will be used for architecture of payroll program for the organization due to several benefits that the organization will derive from SOA for its payroll application. Benefits of SOA are as follows:
First, SOA is built on the on the…
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