Architecture of the New Capitalist Society

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Architecture of the New Capitalist Society

Daniel Libeskind 's winning design for the new World Trade Center takes a sentimental and metaphorical approach. He claims that the completed WTC would become the representation of America 's belief in humanity, its need for individual dignity, and its beliefs in the cooperation of human. Libeskind 's original design focused on restoring the spiritual peak to the New York City and creating an icon that speaks of America 's vitality in the face of danger and her optimism in the aftermath of tragedy. The design considered the city 's neighborhood and residents, rather than simply the economic demands of the commissioners. However, Libeskind 's revised plan that revealed in
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Almost every creation is analyzed from a monetary perspective. During the interview with Anthony Burke, a Professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley, he admitted that although architects trained in the academy are in general very optimistic and idealistic, believing that architecture can solve social problems, create better societies, and maintain cultural relevance. However, once they enter the real world where profitability is the biggest resistance they are against, it becomes almost impossible to refuse to compromise visions and values. Under the social context of the twenty-first century, architecture needs to respond to the changes in technology advances and political situation, but also respond to a changing capitalist society that values economic interests and profitability. With the transition from the industrial to the service economy, the architecture profession is also transforming itself to become a service sector. Instead of being the product that shapes society, architecture, under the current circumstances, is employed as an indispensable engine of the capitalist society to represent a singular vision of the "ownership class". Moreover, as architecture profession is merging into the service sector, the architect 's role is redefined from visionary or the leader to a mediator of an arbitrary mediocrity.


While the leaseholder and developers of the World Trade Center 's main concern lies within
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