Arctic Mining Consultants Of Geological Mines

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This case study mainly focuses on Arctic mining consultants of geological mines, its management and organizational behavior particularly with much emphasis on the employees who are coordinated by Parker (Case study). Tom Parker, 43, is now a field technician and coordinator for Arctic Mining Consultants. He is experienced in this field since he has worked with headstone installer and prospectors among other companies. He worked as a ranch hand, high steel rigger, headstone installer, prospector and geological field technician. Now he is responsible for hiring, training and supervising field assistants for all Arctic Mining Consultant’s programs. He has experience in mineral exploitation, trenching and installation of grid. For this project Parker will be acting as team manager though this is not his normal role. Tom has hired three people to work for him on a past project at Eagle Lake, John Talbot, Greg Boyce, and Brian Millar. He wants to enforce these policies to his fellow workers due to his powerful influence without considering their abilities. This is what has resulted to issues of organizational behavior not being put in consideration in a bid to fulfill his ambitious goals (Theresa, Devansheesh, Andrew & Melanie, 2011). The project stipulates that within a seven day window the team stakes 15 claims, 60 miles in total, which would be an average of 7.5 lengths per day among the four team members. These stipulations also include mobilization and demobilization. Mr.
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