Arctic Mining Consultants -Team Paper

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Arctic Mining Consultants -Team Paper C. Arias, Q. Couthen, J. Edwards, M. Edwards, B. Hollins, C. Johnson and M. McNeil Webster University MGMT 5590- Organizational Behavior Mr. Vince Stovall February 3, 2010 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to display the team efforts of using the six-step approach to problem solving. The members of the team have reviewed a case study on Arctic Mining Consultant’s which describes a project manager’s dilemma to complete a project, but he runs into many obstacles trying to do so. The methodology of the team is to use various research literature to support the findings of poor management and leadership skills, lack of motivation and inadequate planning. In this environment,…show more content…
Literature Reviews: 1. When To Lead? When To Manage? . The article was about leadership and motivation in the organization. How to measure organizational climate and the effect it has on the company. Organizational climate is the way a employee relates to there manager or leader. The relationship that the two share whether its good or bad and how it effects the labor of the employee. The environment that the organization operates in and how the employees adapt to it. Good leaders should focus on motivating their employees. High performance climate is measured by a employee doing what ever it takes to achieve there goals in the organization. Low performance climate is measured when employees are not achieving there goals and not always completing their daily task. The better the leadership is in an organization will tell show in the labor that is produce from its employee. Good leadership in a organization makes the work environment a better place for every one in the organization and will help produce good labor. Waltkin, Chris & Hubbard, Ben.(2003) Leadership & Organization Development Journal. Bradford: 2003.Leadership& Organizational Developmental Journal Vol.24, Is. 7/8; pg. 380, 7pgs. 2. The article reflects what is needed in a good leader and the skills that one should reflect. There are seven lessons a manager needs to learn to become a superpreneur. A supereneur is mostly learning how to keep the generation Y employees happy and
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