Arctic Sea Ice Essay

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Alarming pictures of polar bears have given huge cause for concern to people all over the world, and it turns out they’re not the only ones radically changing their behaviour to adapt to climate change and the shifts to their habitats.
Huddling, and Not for Warmth
An astounding 35,000 Pacific walruses in Alaska left the Arctic seas to crowd into a beach. As we saw in 2009, this makes for a very risky hazard. If the walruses are startled or disturbed, they will return to the Arctic sea ice, but it’s current state puts them in severe danger and at risk of death.
With the Arctic sea ice now at its fourth lowest level in history, walruses are seeing their ecosystem shifted completely. To make matters worse, Royal Dutch Shell is drilling for oil
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Global temperatures could skyrocket, the ice caps at both poles will deteriorate and climate could change completely as we know it.
Of course, world leaders are not unaware of this fact. President Barack Obama was in Alaska recently talking about these changes. He commented that action isn’t being taken fast enough, and that while the US is a leader in the creation of this problem, they’re also willing to be a leading part in its solution. This was said in a conference where other leaders participated, representing countries that already have interest in tackling the Arctic and these pools filled with possible fuels to burn.
We Are Also Be Victims to Climate Change
Climate change is not only going to affect animals — rising sea levels may even start displacing people in their own land (and it has already begun), and it could reach a point where 1 in every 45 people may become a refugee of climate change.
A chilling thought, and it may already be too late, but there is still hope to try and delay — maybe even reverse these
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