Are A Racist Human Being?

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Hello to you all, before you start reading this very controversial topic, I would like to inform that whether you are a racist human being, or you have any type of discrimination against someone by a physical feature, preference to religion, or preference to a certain sex; that is your opinion. It is an opinion. And I believe everyone should feel free to have an opinion and voice it freely, even if not everyone agrees with it. I don 't know if you will agree with what I have to say or not, but these are facts thrown in with my personal opinion. There is no wrong or right because opinions on controversial topics such as racism are not facts, and that’s a fact. That is specifically why they are opinions. And there is also such thing as a…show more content…
African American 's were finally given the right to vote and this was a huge movement towards changing racism for America. Of course, like all controversial movements, a lot of people did not agree with this at all, more so in the south. But that’s something you learn in junior high social studies. Anyhow, the 1960’s is where this book took place. The main character, Lily was 14 and basically raised by her maid, a black woman by the name of Rosaleen. Lily knew and personally understood the unnecessary discrimination that black people received. Her (verbally and physically) abusive father gave her multiple lessons on that. Negative times having to deal with her father and racism caused Lily to run away with Rosaleen, they ended up in a house with three black sisters. Now I won 't give away too much about the book because I don 't plan on ruining it for you, (I personally understand the hatred given towards spoilers and I refuse to take any part of that system unless it’s unleashing my wrath on them) but Lily didn 't see color. She saw people, she saw equality. Racism was (is) a lifestyle that she didn 't care for, however, many people did. And those racist people were bothered by that, a little white girl living in a house with four grown black women was "wrong" or "disgusting" I still don’t see how it was any of their personal business or how it affected them in any personal way for
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