Are All Muslims Bad As The Media Describe Them?

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Are all Muslims bad as the Media describe them?

The press plays a big role in our lives, it changes or creates a new part in our brains to make us believe everything or the most important things that the media want us to believe, in other words it changes our way of thinking, most of us humans use social media as a tool in our lives for example, newspapers, television, radio, or social networks we use these tools as a source of news. Since the discovery of the internet, it made a fundamental impact on news as it has articles, videos and it’s very fast, the most effective example of this would be the action of the 9/11 attacks. After the media’s effects on the world today, especially its impact on this derived concept of Islamophobia, and very much after the event of 9/11. After this event all we can see is that the media tried so hard to worsen the situation, creating a whole different war that led against hate and discrimination against Muslims living in the United States, not just the US but other European countries as well. Instead of the media’s acting negatively against the terrorist that hijacked the twin towers, media chose Islam to hate against.
Let’s all imagine a world without media, every one of us would be living in peace and minding our own business we wouldn’t focus that much on what other people are doing or saying, the world would be so peaceful without any wars or hate against one another but once again that just imagination. We should all…
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