Are Americans Wasteful People?

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Americans are wasteful people A wasteful person is someone who is inclined to waste. A wasteful person can be characterized by useless consumption. Americans are very wasteful people. How much do they waste? That is a good question. 30% of the world’s garbage is generated by Americans. The government is taking measures to reduce the amount of trash being generated and Americans are contributing in trying to reduce this problem. In the USA wastefulness of the population is a major problem. Three of the worst things Americans are wasteful with is electricity, water, and food. One thing Americans waste is electricity. First of all many Americans will leave the lights on in a room that is not occupied is a key example of a waste of electricity. To conserve energy all one has to do is shut off the lights when leaving a room. Americans have gotten used to leaving lights on that it has become a habit. An additional waste of electric is leaving the television on all night, whenever they are not home, or when they are out of the room. Most televisions have an option nowadays to set a timer for the TV to shut off by itself. If a person is afraid of the dark they should invest in a night light that saves energy. And last but not least when people are hungry, they dig around in the refrigerator looking for something to eat; leaving the refrigerator door open too long waste electric. A prime example of leaving the refrigerator door open is while putting away groceries or when looking
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