Are Antibiotics For Cold Or Minor Pain Symptoms?

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In today’s society, people take antibiotics for cold or minor pain symptoms. What people do not understand is what damages antibiotics can do to an individual’s body. Often, people see advertisements of others taking medicine to treat pain symptoms, however, they do not realize that doctors do not recommend them. This topic is important because people need to be informed about the medicine they take. This may save people from buying expensive medicines that pharmacies sell, this will keep peoples immune systems stronger if they only take antibiotics for severe cases, and people will not get resistant to antibiotics as frequently. Thus, if antibiotics would be needed for important purposes, individuals may not need high doses
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Another experiment was conducted, by a journal named Contemporary Clinical Trials, who tested to determine whether a probiotic used in a treatment would help stop or reduce symptoms of the C. difficile infection in older adults. Current standard antibiotics used to treat difficile infection are only 75 to 85 percent successful. Although this is a good percentage, one of the side effects is that there is a risk of antibiotic resistance. The chances of the body responding to the antibiotic will decrease over time, because the system would be immune to the antibiotic. Due to this result, the treatment would not be effective. Another downfall of this treatment is that this drug is very expensive for people who cannot afford it.2 People, who cannot afford to buy this drug, would not be able to undergo treatment, thus the reason for a small population to use the drug. As a result, this experiment shows how taking antibiotics do not necessary help the immune system, as there are many consequences when taking the drugs.
A journal named Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology, researched whether giving antibiotics to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy reduce fevers. Their results concluded that the antibiotics do not reduce fevers of patients going under chemotherapy. The bacteria did not cause fevers; therefore the antibiotic treatment used did not need excessive
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