Are Antibullying Strategies in Schools Successful?

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A boy named Erilick that lived in a small town called Mendocino County was a transgender. He realized at age eight that he was a girl. His parents were going crazy and he was isolated from the rural community where he lived. When he had to use the bathroom at school he would use the teacher’s and kids would make fun of him. He was picked on so much that it terrified him from using the bathroom for six years, and he would wait to go at home or prefer to be sick. (Abcarian). Bullying is a form of abuse that can be emotional or physical. Many children and teens are bullied at school every day. Some of these victims become depressed and lose interest in their schoolwork. (ProQuest Staff). There have been too many instances where young people have committed suicide to escape the torment of bullies. Most people do not realize or know how to stop bullying until someone gets hurt. Schools should have a disciplinary class that bullies would have to take. They would have this class on Saturday morning, and students would watch a video and do a work-package that goes along with the video. Students and parents would have to sign a paper stating that they understand the consequences. Therefore if any bullying continued, the next step would be expulsion. Most people do not know that bullying hurts people emotionally, physically and socially. Bullying is a problem that can’t be ignored. Nearly 50% of students are occasional…
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