Are Antidepressants Reliable? Essay

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Are Antidepressants Reliable?
“You know when you feel the weight of sadness.” The narrator of Zoloft announces. “[Depression] a serious medical condition that affects over twenty million Americans. While the cause is unknown, depression may be related to a chemical imbalance between nerve cells and the brain.” Each sentence in this one minute episode is used in a careful way to suck the audience in to buy their depression saving drug. Zoloft, a company that is advertising the sale of their pill that claims to help the population feel happier and cope with their depression. It starts off with a simple sketch of a circle or a ball that appears to be sad and is under a constant storm. It does not seem to be going away regardless of the fact
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The broad language and lack of specifics ironically exaggerate the feelings of everyday life. For example, the announcer says, “You know when you feel the weight of sadness.” He does not specifically say how long and how many times it occurs. The broadness leaves it up in the air for interpretation; therefore, a person who has experienced sadness for three seconds yesterday could self-diagnose themselves with depression. Since everyone has experienced sadness before, it immediately relates to everyone watching while making it personal to them at the same time because he uses the word “you” ten times in the span of a minute. It makes a large effort to relate to the largest amount of people possible the commercial can attract a larger amount of potential buyers and convince doctors. The advertisement even goes as far as to make the main character a featureless ball. Everything seems extremely bland from the creation of the circle and a single blade of grass, which makes it open to interpretation as well. The main character is a generic circle that is mostly associated with a human head. It is raceless, genderless, and ageless; therefore, a person can look at the ball and compare it to themselves because it is a bland as a stick figure majority have drawn in the first grade. The audience has the ability to evaluate it any way they wish to make it more relatable to their specific situation. The more a person feels a connection with something, the more
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