Are Athletes Overpaid Or Overpaid?

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Are Athletes Overpaid
In the new era that revolves around technology, athletes are in the mainstream media every day. Whether it is on ESPN, CBS, or FOX Sports, athletes are in our faces constantly. Along with their faces, we also see their contracts. These athletes are making millions of dollars play a sport. A common question athletes hear do they think they are overpaid. This question is often not asked to other professions and is only commonly asked to athletes. They usually don 't know how to defend their salaries and give in to pressure and say they are overpaid. The question has sparked debate for years among people and has even been discussed by politicians. Athletes make millions of dollars, every year. They are some of the highest paid people in the country every year. Floyd Mayweather, who brought in over 230 million dollars last year, often sparks controversy with his lavish lifestyle. Athletes are not overpaid because, they generate millions, or even in some cases billions of dollars, for their teams and organizations, Their careers can be cut short in an instant just by making a simple motion or making a routine play. The players ' salaries are determined by us fans and our willingness to pay very high amounts of money for their apparel, sponsored products, and tickets to see them play a game.

Athletes often face criticism, stating that they are overpaid. What many people who argue against pro athletes salary fail to realize is that these athletes generate
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