Are Autonomous Cars Going To The King Of Road?. How Will

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Are Autonomous Cars going to the King of Road? How will the driverless car impact society and the way people commute? When picturing an automobile traveling down the road, one image that comes to mind is the driver at the steering wheel. The driver is in charge. The driver is critical. Take away the driver from a moving vehicle, and most would agree: this would cause a catastrophic situation.Or would it? For quite some time, driverless technology has been developed and tested by universities, institutions, and companies. In spite of this, the idea of a car without a driver gives rise to feelings of skepticism and doubt. However, as driverless technology continues to develop and advance, someday people may no longer drive vehicles. With…show more content…
“Ninety percent of our road accidents are related to bad driving behavior; driving recklessly and speeding under the influence of alcohol, changing lanes without signaling, driving on the hard shoulder and passing through red lights.” -Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Commander in chief of the Dubai Police (Olarte, 2011). The majority of car crashes are caused by human errors, and if this proposition is implemented, the number of fatalities due to car accidents per year will dramatically plummet. In 2012, a Google driverless car had driven over 300,000 miles, with only two accidents being reported, both of which had been a human’s fault (Emerson, 2012). Autonomous cars will have quicker reflexes than humans, make more reliable judgments and will not commit silly mistakes such as texting whilst driving. As a collateral for reducing accidents, this innovation could theoretically also save the government trillions of dollars each year. A major issue for drivers today is congestion. When a car brake, the driver behind takes a couple of seconds to react and stop. Now, this goes on and on, causing heavy traffic and wasting everyone’s irreplaceable time. Autonomous cars are expected to have a completely revamped traffic system, one lacking traffic lights and stop signs. Vehicles will be capable of communicating with each other by transferring crucial information via sensors, allowing
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