Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Your Health?

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The number of mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines has soared from over 22.5 million in 2003 to over 57.3 million in 2007. It continues to rise daily at a very fast clip, allowing us to maintain our dubious claim as the text capital of the world. On the other hand, statistics in the United States show just how deeply ingrained cell phones have become in people’s lives: Fully 78 percent of all American adults own them, including 86 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds and 55 percent of those who are 65 and older. Overall, it is estimated that there are three billion cell phone users in the world.

Each time a cell phone user makes a call, it emits a low level of radiofrequency energy as the phone’s antenna generates radio waves that
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Adults should keep the phone away from their heads and use the speaker phone or a wireless headset, he said. He also warned against using the cell phones in public places such as a bus because it exposes others to the phone’s electromagnetic fields.

The Other Side

In fact, other than the University of Pittsburgh, no other major academic cancer-research institution has sounded the same alarm about cell phone use. And certain members of the scientific community took exception to Herberman’s advice, “It’s important to not confuse exposure with risk,” says Peter Inskip of the NCI. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society (ACS), says, “The University of Pittsburgh exaggerated the risks. They were unnecessarily scaring people. Most of the scientific community was wondering what Herberman, with no expertise, was doing.”

For example, the NCI’s data show that overall, brain tumor rates have been steady. From 1987 to 2005, the rate of brain cancer has not increased despite the increase in cell phone users, from 110 million in 2000 to 208 million in 2005.

In 2000, a multi-million-dollar study called Interphone began
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