Are Cell Phones Destroying A Generation?

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Are Cell Phones Destroying a Generation? The onset of cell phones has had a great impact in the modern society, and especially the millennials or the teens, and as such it has led to the destruction of a generation. It is apparent that what researchers call the iGen, people born between the year 1995 and the year 2012, depend greatly on their cell phones and their well-being majorly depends on their cell phones (Twenge 188). Researchers also prove that the iGen value their cell phones more that the real people because which proves that the cell phones dictate every aspect of their lives. The onset of the smartphones has defined the characteristics of the millennials which has led to a great change in the social aspects of the teens in the modern society. It is prudent that the onset of cell phones has changed behaviors, beliefs and characteristics of teens which has made them to be more individualistic and individualism has increased with the technological development in the society (Dafoe and Jason 401). The effects that smartphones have on the current generation started from the year 2012, and this was apparent in the abrupt shifts in the behaviors and emotional states of teens which then led to a disruption of distinctive characteristics of the Millennial generation (Chatterjee 79). Cell phones have made the Millennials to view the world differently as compared to their predecessors and how they spend their time, they also have
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