Are Cellphones Dangerous?

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Gabriele Saturno
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Are Cell-Phones Dangerous
Technology is one of the most powerful factors that affect our daily life and routine. As part of it we have the well known and worldwide used: Cell-phones. A 2004 MIT survey said that cell phones were ranked as the one invention that people hate the most, but cannot live without. It beat out the alarm clock and the television. Cell-phones have become one of the most useful devices around the world; however, they have drastically and negatively affected our communication and privacy manners. In addition, they have created an incredible amount of mortal accidents around the world due to distracted drivers.
Driving Accidents issues
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“And more than anything, we are discovering just how far and wide mind and body can be separated, because now we can be where we aren 't, no matter where we are,” said Martin Miller, a reporter from Los Angeles Times (Martin Miller 1). Despite the fact that cell phones clearly make our long relationships easier they completely destroy our closer ones. John Petersen, founder and president of the Arlington Institute, a future-oriented think tank in Arlington, Virginia. "What it is done is to change our view of reality. You remember not so long ago when making a long-distance phone call was a big deal? You would say, 'I 'm calling long distance, ' and you were supposed to drop everything? Now it is not a big deal anymore to get a call from anywhere on the globe" (Martin Miller 1). So, in fact not only our communication with close people is being jeopardized but the long distance treatment is also being affected. It is so easy to make long distances phone calls that we have stopped doing them. In spite of becoming every time easier to do them, we loose motivation and intrigue, which lead us to hesitate about the call and leave it for another moment.
Besides the effect that cell phones has on any long and short relationship, there is a more concerning issue regarding communication, the face-to-face conversation. Cell phones are also reshaping our social habits and attitudes, say sociologists. According to
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