Are Child Beauty Pageants Exploitative?

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Are Child Beauty Pageants Exploitive: The world of tiaras and crowns is a world worth looking into. Sporting events are just like beauty pageants in terms that they “encourage competition and emphasize winning”. But looking deeper, however, in world of child beauty pageants, make-up, hair, and dresses matter more. “Looks are the only thing that matters.” Thus, Children are getting early lessons on “selling themselves” (The High Cost of Beauty). Often child beauty pageants consist of talent, personality, and a question and answer portion, but a beauty pageant emphasizes competition. The pageants are based solely on physical appearances. Most beauty pageants are made for women. Today though, young girls at the age of five, or younger, are being targeted. Although beauty pageants are seemingly innocent and prompts the competitive side of women, it should not be introduced to younger children at the age ten and below. Children need to know that beauty pageants set a definition of what beautiful is, it can affect their future outlook on life, and it is a form of abuse. Part of society says that beauty pageants are not necessarily a bad thing, but there are the good and bad parts. All in all, pageants promote self-esteem and build instant self-confidence (Pros and Cons of Child Beauty Pageants). It is beneficial to the child’s self-esteem in a way that it helps the child to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their shyness. This gives the child the confidence they need

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