Are Children Attaining The Knowledge Needed?

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Are Children Attaining The Knowledge Needed?
Today, advancements in technology are changing the way children learn and communicate. Phones, computers, tablets, and smart phones are examples of technology that are becoming engrained in children 's everyday lives. The impacts of technological advancements on a child 's development are still being explored and have not been fully established. Today’s generations rely strongly on media and technology more so than past generations. Technology including: computers, tablets, and smart boards provide access to the internet and can connect people counties away. These forms of technology are now being incorporated into the learning experience at schools. The internet accessed through these
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Now people have the internet that offers a variety of sources and immediate answers. In “Smarter than You Think” Thompson explains that technology can help increase and progress people’s knowledge if utilized correctly (340-360). His essay indicates that the advances in technology can also have adverse impacts as well as constructive effects on people. Many people turn to the internet for instantaneous answers without reading or finishing the research required to fully apprehend the question and the answer. In many cases, people simply record the answer not fully understanding or retaining the answers or concepts behind the answer. When the internet is used responsibly full attention is given to the reading the martial and researching the material to fully understand the answer or concept. It is vital that the internet is not used a short cut.
The learning experience is different when reading a hard copy of a source vs researching a source on the internet. Instead of researching and learning the information students go straight to the internet for immediate answers. When Carr describes the use of technology to find answers, he says, “Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski” (315). This is a perfect example when describing the amount of attention that is put forth when using technology. Skimming along the surface or only collect the surface information is not the correct or effective way to learn or
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