Are Children Growing Up Too fast Essay

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ESSAY – ARE CHILDREN GROWING UP TOO FAST? I. SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION A multiplicity of literature is available through recent researches which suggest that the current generation of teenagers is very different from children their ages in the past, given new manifestations in their behaviors when compared with their previous generations. Is this true or not? A compelling argument will be made by this Author to show that in his perception that children are growing up too fast. THESIS STATEMENT An examination of trends in current teenage behavior; in order to prove that children are growing up too fast. II. SECTION 2 MAIN BODY Hymowitz (1998) discussed his experiences of a daughter who in his generalised assessment “morphed…show more content…
My own experiences having raised three children, two girls and a boy have shown that access by them to technology such as the computer, other technological devices and access to the internet and television programming have contributed to aspects of their own self development which were not available to their predecessors and in my own considered judgment, based on these developments allow for a level of maturity beyond their young ages. Given the observations on growing p too fast, as discussed above and inclusive of research and findings by Hymowitz (1998) which articulated on trends observed n the society in which his daughter grew up, supporting discussions by the Sunday Sun ( 2011); Hughes (2009); Wilson ( 2008) and my own experiences in observing the phenomena of children maturing at an earlier age than their predecessors, I submit and support the thesis statement that children are growing up much faster currently than their predecessors based on the evidence provided in the discussion which support such conclusions. III. SECTION 3 CONCLUSION The phenomena of young children developing a more matured status as opposed to their predecessors have been noted by a number of researchers. This development have been attributed to a number of factors related to technology, exposure to activities through various technological means which enhance their own education and even the attitude by parents, which allow for a more matured
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