Are Children Of Illegal Immigrants

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PSA Essay
Are Children of illegal immigrants entitled to a public education? Yes, as a matter of fact, they are! Their parents work for minimum wage and still pay taxes, therefor their child should be able to attend public school. How many Americans don’t work and live off the system, but yet their child still gets a public education? Most minors are placed under the care of the Department of Health and Human Services which offers education rights. After a while the child will be released into the United States with a family member or other “Guardian,” the child will still have education rights. So why wouldn 't they be allowed to attend school? They have the right to go, why not use it? Americans are just lazy, but complain when illegals come here and get a job. There are so many American people that depend on the system, and live off it that are perfectly fine to work. Those are the first to complain about the immigrants and the children getting an education, saying they can’t get a job because of the illegals ,and the undocumented children are taking his/her child’s education away. All children are entitled to a public education. Under the federal law schools are obligated to provide education to all children but should not question immigrant status. In the most recent studies there are more than 840,000 immigrant students in the United States. The Department of Education said that ALL children are entitled to an education, regardless of their parents, nationality…
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