Are Cities Like Toronto: Are Cars The Answer?

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When somebody lives in a city like Toronto, it is almost essential to use a car most places a citizen has to go. The big question is, are cars the answer? Or should cities like Toronto, start promoting other transportation methods?

What is inefficient transportation?

Cars are a very well known source of transportation, especially in the metropolitan cities in Canada. Although there is one major problem about cars, gasoline. Gasoline is the substance that a car essentially needs to function, unfortunately gasoline is horrible for the environment, our bodies, it's a nonrenewable resource and it costs a lot of money. Transportation uses that need fossil fuels to function, for example cars do cause climate change. When cars are being put to
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One particular town in china called, chengdu. Has created a town where it is not essential to drive. Every service can be reached by walking in approximately fifteen minutes and the road land use will be cut in half to reduce the amount of cars. By reaching bigger cities chengdu provides efficient public transit. This is an example of new urbanism, which can definity reduce the amount of air pollution, traffic and created by cars. (Peters, 2015). In tokyo japan they have an unique source of transport called a shinkansen, which is a bullet train. This model can convince some citizens to ditch their cars and use the bullet train to get to their destination much quicker. To prove that this model is efficient tokyo isn't on the most polluted cities in the world list or the most congested cities list either. This would really reduce canada's traffic and our air pollution levels. Having one train going to a destinations instead of having a few thousand cars backing up on the 401. In china and mexico the government only lets portions of the population drive on certain days. This idea allows for there to be less traffic and air

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