Are Classrooms Today 's Society Sized Correctly?

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Are Classrooms in today’s society sized correctly? Classroom size affects student’s ability to learn. When classrooms are engulfed with students, students don’t have the learning opportunity they should; smaller classes have proven to lead to more academic success. Across the nation school districts struggle to provide appropriate learning conditions for students, school districts are even breaking state class size reduction laws. In the fall of 2014, the School district of Brevard County, Florida surpassed more than $100,000 in fines due to the inability to size classrooms within the state’s sizing limit mandate (Petrilli). Florida school districts approved of a mandate that places a cap on the number of students allowed in a single classroom. These new requirements mean that school districts must reduce pupil-teacher ratios in every classroom to 18-to-1 in prekindergarten though 3rd grade, 22-to-1 in grades 4-8, and 25-to-1 in high school, or face financial penalties from the state department of education (McNeil). School districts like this one, struggle to provide the classrooms and teachers needed for students to have an equal opportunity of success due to lack of funding. Without proper funding schools are unable to hire enough teachers, leading to very high pupil-teacher ratios. If school districts employ more teachers, class sizes would decrease, essentially leading to more academic success among students.
Educators are continually searching for ways to increase
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