Are Competitive Sports Good Or Bad For Kids

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Recently there has been a big controversy about if competitive sports are good or bad for kids. But competitive sports can also be bad because of all different types of injures players can get. I think competitive sports are good because it helps with kids building building character, physical and mental health, and lastly life lessons.

First competitive sports are good is it builds character in kids are, sometimes you can only learn certain things from sports like what hard work is. According to the (National Council of Youth Sports) they say there are over 40 million kids are in competitive sports and that helps because when we grow up there will be a variety of adults with different lessons that they have learned and that will help when we are adults because there will be a variety of people from different childhood lessons. Also being in competitive sports, kids have less negative behavior in school and in public because they are the names behind their program and I have never met a sports player that said I want people to think are sports program is a bunch a bad kids. They also make life lasting friendships with other kids that they played or are on the same team. I know this because my dad talks to a friend that he made from playing baseball and football.

Secondly kids physical and mental health is improved. Example one is
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When you learn all these lessons so later in life when you have job you have learned life lessons through sports already. Also you learn that if you want to succeed in life you have to work hard to earn that job or starting spot on the team nothing is handed directly to
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