Are Computers Cause Permanent Eye Damage?

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Title: Uncovering the Severity of Computers to Our Vision.
The purpose of this research paper is to solve the question: Do computers cause permanent eye damage? The selected hypothesis supported the idea that prolonged computer usage does not cause permanent eye damage. The evidence provided shows that external factors such as lighting are responsible for the vision impairment. In addition, prolonged computer usage only leads to a temporary eye inflammation known as dry eyes and it is uncommon for dry eyes to cause permanent vision loss. The report 's conclusion proves that the hypothesis is correct. The only effect from computer usage towards our vision is a temporary syndrome called CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).
Today, almost everyone uses computers on a daily basis. We stare at the screens for countless hours and suddenly, our eyes experience a sore or fatigue, which tells us that it is time to stop. Although this is normal, we are often unsure if the eyestrain has a negative effect towards our vision 's health or is only a short-term prolonged effect of computer usage that will disappear after we rest. As this topic is debatable, the highlight of this research paper is to discover whether computers cause permanent eye damage or not. Despite many contradicting ideas, the majority of sources propose the idea that computers only caused eyestrains instead of causing permanent eye damage. This will be the report 's thesis and with the resources…
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