Are Counselors Born or Made?

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This discussion relates only to the very best of counselors. A list of the most influential counselors outlined in an article by By Kendra Cherry titled ‘A Look at Eminent Thinkers in Psychology’ includes the following: 1. Sigmund Freud: Time Magazine named Freud as one of the influential therapists of the 1900’s in an article which appeared in 2001. Later in 2006 an article which appeared in Newsweek in 2006 he is described as "history's most debunked doctor"(Newsweek 2006). Even though his theories generate much controversy, he is still referred to as the father of psychoanalysis. 2. B.F. Skinner: He was one of the prominent propionates of a theory called behaviourism. He also constructed what became known as the ‘Skinner Box’.…show more content…
They also abandoned the study at least 50 percent lower than those who were being treated by the ‘.pseudoshrinks’ The client’s age, gender, and symptoms had no influence on the outcome. Also, surprisingly the outcome had nothing to do with age or experience and training of the councillors involved. From this study, another significant observation was made. When therapy was combined with medication it was discovered that the effect of the medication was as much as ten times more effective when combined with the best therapists. Evan more remarkable when treated by the lesser therapists the medication had little or no effect at all. So to briefly summarise we have the ‘Supershrinks’ who achieve many superior results than the ‘Pseudoshrinks’. But the question that is being discussed is not that some councillors are better than others, but why are they better? Are they born? Or are they made? In another attempt to answer this question it is fair to make another assumption. That assumption is that all councillors above have received the same education and training. They have all started from the same point, or baseline as it is sometimes known. So to explain the difference in performance between the ‘Super’ and the ‘Pseduo’ it must be because of their natural ability or skills, as they have received the same amount of training. Therefore based on the evidence, logic seems to
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