Are Disabled Physically Disabled?

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“ Despite many misconception of people , who are physically disabled can do just about anything. Physically disability is when a persons physical functioning or mobility. In the U.S. , about 74.6 million people have some type of physical disability. Its helps when they have newer technology , accessibility , and government. These three sources help disabilities to become independent and do things for themselves. For example newer technology can allow power wheelchairs or machines for them. A power wheelchair you can just push a button to roll your self and machines help you breathe. It can help with movement during activities , just because here are made differently doesn 't mean they can do any activities. They may not be able to do it just like normal people but they can do it in there own way. Dont have to be different to be normal. “Tens millions of Americans with disabilities now enjoy rights the rest of us have long taken for granted: the rights to use the same streets , theaters , restrooms or offices ,and the right to prove themselves in the workplace and succeed on their talent and drive alone.” ((Hoyer, N.p.) Years ago the government made a American Disability Act for the people that were disabled , Franklin Roosevelt helped too and was disabled , but that didn 't stop from becoming a president. It actually helped us even more. Some people that are physically disabled have a tendency to be spokespeople and those are people that can make a…
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