Are Dogs Like To Herd Research Paper

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Why Do Dogs Like To Herd?

The dog’s herding instinct is his innate craving to group animals together. In multiple dig breeds their herding instinct is so strong tat they may try to herd shadows, children and goldfish1! Many farmers rely on their dog’s herding instincts when it comes to livestock. They need the dogs to move the animals from one place to another, protect them from predators, and to keep all the members of the flock together and prevent straying. Some farmers spend time training their dogs to herd animals. However, if they are training their dog they are only helping the dog herd the animals in the specific ways they want him to, or teaching the dog how to respond to the different whistles they may give. The dog already know how to herd. The main cause of a dog’s herding instinct is selective breeding that occurs over the years. All dogs are natrually predators who are decended from the wolf. When a wolf gets food, he must first eye the prey, then stalk it, then chase it. Then he grabs the prey, shakes it, and bites it on the neck, killing it2. Then he eats it and guards the remains. When dogs herd, they eye the sheep, stalk them, chase them,
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For example, the famous Border Collie makes such a good herding dog because it works so well with people. The Icelandic Sheepdog is also very good since it has a strong desire to please its owners. On the other hand, the Bull Terrier does a good job herding sheep as it is nippy and fearless. Blue Cattle Dogs are bossy and Austraillian Shepherds are pushy. Theese not-so-nice traits help the dogs get the animals moving right away and respect the dog. Some other dogs have other attributes that are helpful for herding. For instance, the Welsh Corgi is quick and low to the ground, the Tatra Shepherd Dog is highly protective, and the German Shepherd is
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