Are Drug Abusers a Cause Worth Fighting For?

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Are Drug Abusers a Cause Worth Fighting For?

When thinking about the numerous causes to rally for, do drug abusers make the list? Most philanthropists would generally focus their attention and resources towards cancer or children, rather than drug addicts. There has been a long standing battle between drugs and the people who succumb to them. Many organizations have made it their mission to help drug abusers break the cycle of addiction and help them claim back the lives that drugs had cost them. One focus has been on the life-saving drug naloxone, which counteracts the effects of an overdose. According to writer Julie Turkewitz in her article “An Effort to Expand Access to a Drug That Could Save Victims of Overdoses,” his
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Sharon Stancliff: “Public health moves slow. This is really an extremely safe, safe medication” (Turkewitz 3). This plays on empathy to help people and care for those less fortunate. The writer had previously used pathos to appeal to the reader’s sympathy for drug addicts by referring to them as users and is now adding to that. She is again furthering her position to increase distribution of naloxone because the number of lives saved could be higher than one per 227 kits if naloxone was more widely distributed.
The writer also effectively used logos to further prove her stance that naloxone should be made more available. The main way Turkewitz campaigns for an increase in trained personnel to administer the drug is by logically arguing the growing number of people killed by opioid overdoses. “Statewide, opioid overdoses killed 2,051 people in 2011, more than twice the number that they killed in 2004” (Turkewitz 1). The phrase “that they killed” stands out because it is showing a personification of the drugs and allows the drugs to be blamed for the overdoses and not the drug users that take the drugs. The writer personifies the drugs to help prove that naloxone should be readily available as a way to fight against the drugs.
The writer goes on to logically argue the positive aspects of naloxone, beyond the life-saving potential. She states the drug naloxone is “easy-to-administer” and “inexpensive” (Turkewitz 1), making sure to stress
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