Are Earthquake Disasters Caused by Humans?

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Are Earthquake Disasters Caused by Human? Summary The intent of this paper is to prove that that the damages that are usually associated with earthquakes are actually created by a deficiency in the construction methods used around the world. First, the student will talk about the types of construction failures that contribute to damages in areas where earthquakes hit. The construction flaws include building on foundations that are prone to liquefaction and amplification of the foundation’s soil, and the flawed construction of the buildings and infrastructures themselves. Next, the student will use several specific earthquakes in the past to identify construction problems within different places that had an earthquake around the world. They include: China after the Tangshan earthquake of 1976, Turkey after the Izmit earthquake of 1999, and Haiti after the Haitian earthquake of 2008. Introduction Marshak ( 2013) contends that there are over 1 million earthquakes that occur each year, but only several hundred earthquakes actually cause any damage. According to the Exploratorium Museum’s Website, the toll that earths have on the population and infrastructures vary from place to place, even if the earthquakes are similar in magnitude. It all narrows down to how the area’s buildings and infrastructures were built. The damages that people usually associate with earthquakes are actually created by humans. Thus, the design, construction and
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