Are Eating A Balanced Diet?

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This is one of the health indicators that is posing so many problems around the world. The question on whether people are eating a balanced diet is not explained due to finance problems, but still one can afford to take a simple balanced diet comprising of a fruit, some fresh vegetables and some proteins: can be animal or plant protein. People are supposed to be trained in health facilities on what is a balanced diet and its importance to the development of the body (Committee on Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020 & Medicine, 2011). They should be made to understand that if one misses to take the food rations as is recommended, then some part of the body will be either denatured or deformed. In many times we think that we are fine when we are really sick. A good example is when we have brain problems. We may think that a child is performing poorly in school because he or she is stupid, but the truth of the matter is that the child is clever only that he or she is missing certain food nutrients in the diet. As thus we have to make sure that in our diet every kind of nutrient is present. In addition to eating a balanced diet we should be aware that physical exercise is so important to make our bodies fit. When we eat, there are some extra fats which remain in our tissues as undissolved. There is no way to remove these fats excerpt by exercise. These three things are closely related because one leads to the other. Lack of exercise will in fact lead to
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