Are Eating Junk Food?

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For this health behavior change paper, I selected to target a behavior that I have wanted to change for a long time, junk food. By observing and evaluating my behavior I was able to provide some possible solutions to this problem. I have gained a lot of insight from doing this project. I felt motivated to change my eating habits because I wanted to better my lifestyle, and I had very little resistance in starting this behavior change project. In order to improve my eating behavior, I first needed to observe my undesired behavior. It was important for me to be aware of how, when, what and why behavior occurs under different circumstances. The problem I have is eating junk food just because its there, or because I am too lazy to cook. I am…show more content…
I wanted to spend time with him rather than cook and waste time. However, this way of thinking was all wrong, because once I started to cook with him, I found that I was actually spending MORE time with him and enjoying the whole process of cooking. The desire to change was the second step to my modification plan. I needed to consider my lifestyle and how it needed to be changed. The goals I had were to lower my weight and become conscious of the types of foods that I ate. Having the desire to change motivated me to achieve my goal. I told my family and friends about my desire to modify my eating behavior. I did this so they could give me encouragement and it would discourage them from flaunting tempting foods in front of me. I tried taking smaller bites while eating, and I tried chewing more slowly so I would enjoy my food. By just talking about my modification plan, I became more conscious about my behavior, and interested some friends and my boyfriend in modifying their own behavior. I have wanted to modify my eating habits since college life helped me to gain 20 pounds in four years. I tried to figure out why I was gaining so much weight and I realized it was due to the high calories found in junk food. Initially, I had just planned to reduce my calorie intake by eliminating a meal or a dish in order to stay within my desired calorie amount. After deciding to do this, I did a discussion post on dieting when I
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