Are Eating Meat Or Not Eat Meat?

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There are so many different controversies in the world, especially during this time period. Whether it be race, body image, or how to even raise a child. A big question that many may ask is, “Should a person eat meat or not eat meat?” If someone were to choose not to eat meat, they would be considered a vegetarian or a vegan. There’s a lot of similarities and differences both ways and even though there are similarities and differences between the two, a lot of people don’t truly know what their diet has in it or how what they eat affects their bodies. Today I will be sharing those differences between a vegetarian and meat eater, their diets and about which lifestyle is best for you. Today about 95% of Americans eat meat. According to, meat is flesh of animals as used for food. Some examples of meat are hot dogs, steak, hamburgers, prime rib, and many more. It is how most children are raised if they live in that percentage of families. A lot of people eat meat for the flavor. Let’s face it, meat is full of flavor. Meats contain a lot of amino acids and iron, and these are both good for the human body. They help transport oxygen throughout the body and keep our bodies strong. Amino acids also keep our central nervous system moving. On the other hand, meat also contains saturated fats which can lead to many health risks like high blood pressure, and various cancers. Major health groups like the American Heart Association, states that eating saturated
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