Are Electronic Medical Records a Cure for Health Care? Essays

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Case Summary
Healthcare is a major topic in the media, and how it affecting people all over the country. The government has implemented laws and policies to ensure that individuals can receive the proper medical attention, and has made healthcare affordable for American that are not able to pay out of pocket for services provided. This action by the government has caused a surplus in patients seen by healthcare providers, which in return has increase the paperwork associated with business practices. As a result, providers are implementing systems such as Electronic Medical Records to ensure that patient records are accurate and accessible for multiple providers for proper diagnosis.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are systems
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Healthcare management, insurance agencies, the government and technology advances have all played a major role in the delay of the creation of a global EMR system.
The Government’s involvement in the implementation of EMR system is critical. In 2009, $19 billion was granted through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to encourage doctors and hospitals to install and use electronic health records (EHR’s) which is a fundamental component of EMR systems (MacKinnon & Wasserman, 2009). Without government funding, it would be merely impossible for organizations to implement and adopt ERM systems. Expensive systems are usually frowned upon by organizations, for that reason the government must intervene to ensure improved speed and accuracy of data sharing, reporting, and planning.
Healthcare providers are becoming overbooked and the paperwork is overwhelming. Adopting technology is necessary in the healthcare profession to handle daily workloads. The cost of implementing systems to fit the needs of the organization is the leading factor that causes providers to resist the integration and incorporation of EMR systems. IT developers are also high involved in the implementation of systems for hospitals and healthcare providers. Investing in the EMR system is costly, but the failure to implement EMR systems is often contributed to
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