Are Electronics Dangerous or Cancerous?

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Are electronics dangerous or cancerous? People of the world today are unaware that electronics are a lot more dangerous than they are led to believe. There are hidden dangers that are not understandable until now. Some might agree or disagree with my idea of attack on electronic devices of today. The use of electronic devices should be revamped for health and safety reasons such as cancer risks, traffic accidents, and security purpose. On July 14, 2007, a 45 year old Australian man named John Patterson drove a tank through the streets of Sydney, destroying six cell-phone towers and an electrical substation along the way. Patterson, a telecommunications worker, reportedly had located all of the locations of the towers, which he claimed were harming his health. Protesters in England and Northern Ireland have destroyed cell towers by sawing, removing bolts, and pulling with tow trucks and ropes. People bought the structure and sold pieces of it as souvenirs to help with the funding of future protests. In attempt to fight off the defenders for the towers in Germany, some churches have taken to disguising them as giant crosses. Towers usually find more socially acceptable outlets, and protesters are being heard more often than ever in the meetings of city councils, planning commissions, and other government people. Citizen efforts to block cell towers have sprouted in and around other places, including California, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, North Dakota and north of the
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