Are Energy Drinks Safe?

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Question/Topic #1: Are energy drinks safe? Answer: Energy drink manufacturers advertise energy drinks as booting your energy levels, sleeplessness, and to help you become more aware. However, the larger amounts of caffeine and other supplements are sometimes not properly reported. In a study of over 3, 600 adults, the excessive amount of caffeine predisposed the participants to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and many more. Resources: 1. McGraw, M. M. (January 01, 2013). Are energy drinks safe?. Nursing, 43, 3.) 2. Rath, M. (February 01, 2012). Energy drinks: What is all the hype? The dangers of energy drink consumption. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 24, 2, 70-76. Question/Topic #2: What is the most effective ACL reconstruction technique? Answer: Correct anatomic tunnel positioning is a key part of ACL reconstruction. In one of a few studies that have been tested, results showed that the variability or standard deviations were on the high side with standard deviations of 3.2mm between the intra and inter observers. So even though this technique is tactful, future observations need to be conducted to reduce this variability. Resources: 1. Shafizadeh, S., Balke, M., Kelz, S., Hoeher, J., & Banerjee, M. (April 01, 2014). Low inter- and intraobserver variability allows for reliable tunnel measurement in ACL reconstruction using the quadrant method. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery : Including Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, 134,
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