Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? Critically Discuss Essay

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Are entrepreneurs born or made? Critically discuss. The question of “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” has been an interrogative sentence for long as both confronting propositions are bolstered by sophisticated theories. Regardless of the perpetual fierce debate, my standpoint is that entrepreneurs are both born and made as these seemingly opposing ideologies are in fact coexisting with each other. This essay will attempt to critically discuss the authenticity of the above stance. The definition of “entrepreneurs” Entrepreneurs are defined as innovative people who conceptualize new ideas and take risks to transform ideas into entrepreneurial opportunities so to accomplish extraordinary achievements (Hatten, 1997; HoHolt, 1992).…show more content…
and O’Cinneide, B., 1994); deservedly, one’s creativity crucial for opportunity recognition (Shane, 2000), is likely to be developed. The above paragraphs attempt to critically demonstrate that education can make individuals more entrepreneurial. Nevertheless, “born” or “made” are not being mutually exclusive in that “born” factors simultaneously contribute to entrepreneurs’ molding. The “born” factors for entrepreneurs A successful entrepreneur is someone able to foresee, evaluate and exploit opportunities to make profits (Bygrave and Hofer, 1991). Yet, this is an uncommonly-shared talent possessed by people as not everyone is capable to discover “disequilibrium profit opportunities” (Kaish and Gilad, 1991) since the crux of successful discovery of opportunities hinges on one’s “entrepreneurial alertness” (Kirzner, 1973), which is the ability to spot and innovate opportunities (Kirzner,1973). In hopes of evaluating what constitute entrepreneurs, it is pivotal to critically appraise the constituents of “entrepreneurial alertness” (Kirzner, 1973) as it is this which makes up the entrepreneurs’ intrinsic nature. The constituents of “entrepreneurial alertness” First and foremost, the possession of “creativity” is the presupposition of “entrepreneurial alertness” (Kirzner, 1973) insomuch that “creativity”
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