Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

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Are entrepreneurs born or made? Critically discuss.
An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business by taking on financial risks in hope to make a profit. The word entrepreneur stems from the French word entreprendré which means 'to undertake '.
A couple of examples are Lord Alan Sugar and Bill Gates. Lord Sugar is an entrepreneur worth £800 million. He started by selling car aerials out of a van, he then set up his company, Amstrad which sold affordable hi-fi turntable covers. In 1993 he founded Amsair Executive Aviation with his son Daniel who provide executive and business jet charters. Bill Gates was the world 's first centibillionaire. He began programming aged 13 and continued to gain experience with computing
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Education and training is unlikely to change people 's perspective. This perspective is likely to arise from how the person has been brought up, if their parents always told them how fate doesn 't exist then they will probably grow up to believe the same, this means it isn 't something that you are born with (genetic) but is something you may pick up during childhood through the surrounding environment.
As shown above confidence is key to being a successful entrepreneur, confidence is something that many people are born with. However, confidence can be built up through therapy or by changing mental attitudes. On the whole, confidence can be made but some people are more naturally confident than others and will need to work less at being that confident entrepreneur.
Innovation is something that is hard to teach and is a trait that you are born with, some people would struggle to come up with ideas and find a gap in the market just as some people are naturally talented at painting and some have to work at it. Innovation is slightly harder to teach that painting however, this is the one trait which would be hard to improve in a person.
As the above shows many of the traits entrepreneurs need are born with however, they can be improved through education and training later in life. The only one that cannot be improved very easily is innovation.
Many people may argue that none of the traits are born with and that
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