Are Family-Friend Workplaces Positive or Negative for Business?

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The paper will examine a developing business trend of Family-friendly workplaces the positive or negative benefits and the cost of family –friendly policies in business. Some employers now provide family-friendly benefits to their employees such as flexible work arrangements, childcare, eldercare and employee assistance programs but is this good. Researchers have analyzed the cost effectiveness of these practices and how it effective the profit shares of the corporations who participate in the practice. Researchers have agreed that family –friendly measure may help the employee but they don’t agree it increases business productivity.

Many of today’s business are finding new ways to find to obtain and keep the brightest employees. A growing number of companies are willing to increase their operation cost in exchange for higher productivity, better morale, and fewer turnovers among staff. The latest numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics show that among the 34.6 million families with children, 87.8 percent had at least one employed parent in the workforce in 2012. This rising phenomenon of family-friendly policies in business helps employees develop a better work-life balance. Freek Vermeullen dissected the cost of these policies in his article, “Are Family-Friendly Workplace Practices Worth Their
Money?”(Forbes, 2011 ).
Vermeullen examines Family-friendly work…
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