Are Girls And Girls Have Trouble Paying Attention Within The Same Classroom?

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This topic is significant to me because in school, guys and girls have trouble paying attention within the same classroom. I want to know, for educational purposes, if children do learn better in same sex schools without the hormonal distractions.
In my opinion, I think we would be better educated in a classroom with the same sex. There are less distractions and more of the same thought processes and maturity output. Guys don’t always put in their all when a woman is present, as an example in poetry or something feminine. Also, girls are most likely to put in less effort in front of guys in a physical education class.
Most kids, in high school, college or even elementary, all struggle some way in class. Whether it’s distractions, anxiety
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For these two reasons I have no reason to believe I wouldn’t learn better in an all girls school.
If you want your child to be as focused as possible in school then a single sex school is a good way to achieve that (Elizabeth Danish-Pros and Cons). There are many reasons why a co-ed school would be worse for your child than a single-sex, but are there any reasons for a co-ed to be better than the latter? When boys and girls are taught under separate roofs, they often wrongly conclude that one gender is better than the other gender(Jen Saunders-Disadvantages). Can it possibly be that it’s the other way around? Maybe Coed is better for a child’s education. In some courses, it’s better for children to interact with both genders. Speech? Health? Kids need to learn how an interview works, not every interviewer will be male, or in another case female. A workplace does not specify their employers by gender, at least not in most cases.
When schools prohibit boys and girls from studying together in the same classroom, they make them think that their gender is either better or inferior(Jen Saunders-Disadvantages). Which is true, kids might feel less than others due to their gender and how they have been brought up in an educational standpoint. Children nowadays need to know the value of equality. Men and Women are taught together everyday in a business
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